90 Degree Bleeder Cleaner Rod-Out Tool

Custom designed Rod-Out Tools available upon request.

When ordering specify packing type:
Type 1, 0-14 pH, 700 degrees F, PSI 600 (graphite)
Type 2, 0-14 pH, 400 degrees F, PSI 600 (TFE)
Type 3, 0-14 pH, 1000 degrees F, PSI 1000 (braided graphite)

Our devices are constructed of stainless steel and are available in diameters of from 1/8″ up to 5/8″ and in lengths from 7 inches to 72 inches with end connections from 1/4″ NPT to 1″ NPT. Never again use a dangerous contraption that has no liquid filled pressure gauge or vent valve to rod out valves and taps. The standard Rod-Out Tool is the Type 1 with a twist drill bit unless otherwise selected below. Custom designed Rod-Out Tools available upon request.

ModelMNPT end connectorDescriptionTwist Drill Dia.Work Length
25-90-L-24″1/4"90 Deg Angle Rod-Out1/4" (.265")24"
25-90-L-18″1/4"90 Deg Angle Rod-Out1/4" (.265")18"
25-90-L-12″1/4"90 Deg Angle Rod-Out1/4" (.265")12"
25-90-L-7″1/4"90 Deg Angle Rod-Out1/4" (.265")7"
34-90-L-24″1/2"90 Deg Angle Rod-Out3/8" (.375")24"
34-90-L-18″1/2"90 Deg Angle Rod-Out3/8" (.375")18"
34-90-L-12″1/2"90 Deg Angle Rod-Out3/8" (.375")12"
34-90-L-7″1/2"90 Deg Angle Rod-Out3/8" (.375")7"