Bleeder Cleaner/Rod-Out Tools

These tools allow clogged bleeder, drain, vent and instrument tap valves to be cleaned safely and efficiently while containing process material as directed by government regulations for environmental and personal safety.  The tools eliminate the hazards of dangerous fires, spills and vapor releases while performing these tasks.  

Parts for these new generation Rod Out Devices can be replaced in the field, ending the need for factory maintenance.


Rod-Out Tools prevent personnel exposure, vapor releases, explosions and fires when bleeder valves, vents, drains and instrument taps must be cleared during normal operating conditions.

Available in: Straight Rod-Out, 90 Degree Angle Rod-Out, and 60 Degree Angle Rod-Out.

Our devices are constructed of stainless steel and are available in diameters of from 1/8″ up to 5/8″ and in lengths from 7 inches to 72 inches with end connections from 1/4″ NPT to 1″ NPT. Never again use a dangerous contraption that has no liquid filled pressure gauge or vent valve to rod out valves and taps. The standard Rod-Out Tool is the Type 1 with a twist drill bit unless otherwise selected below. Custom designed Rod-Out Tools available upon request.

When ordering specify packing type:
Type 1, 0-14 pH, 700 degrees F, PSI 600 (graphite)
Type 2, 0-14 pH, 400 degrees F, PSI 600 (TFE)
Type 3, 0-14 pH, 1000 degrees F, PSI 1000 (braided graphite)